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Make the Difference - Support Youth Development

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Make a difference.

Why You Should Help

Since 1995, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps has provided paid community service opportunities to hundreds of opportunity youth every year. Corpsmembers ages 17 to 25 receive numerous life skills training and earn professional certifications that make them more qualified in the workplace and more prepared to return to school. Corpsmembers work on a wealth of land conservation, historic preservation, recreation, and environmental education projects in partnership with school districts, community organizations, and all levels of government. Corpsmembers earn an AmeriCorps living stipend while in service and an educational awards after they graduate from RMYC. RMYC provides the resources and opportunities for youth to find their pathway to success.

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps is a stepping stone to new opportunities. We inspire young adults to make a positive difference in themselves and their communities. Through training and service, Corpsmembers discover their potential for healthy, productive lives.

How You Can Help

You can support the youth of New Mexico in many ways. Your donations will help purchase these essential items for our crews.

  • $1.00 a week ($52.00 per year) provides the funds for: Field training supplies i.e. pens, notebooks.
  • $5.00 a week ($260.00 per year) provides the funds for: Mental Health First Aid certification for 5 members.
  • $10.00 a week ($520.00 per year) provides the funds for: Full day Ropes Course/Leadership training for a Crew
  • $1.00 a day ($365.00 per year) provides the funds for: First Aid/CPR certification fora Crew.
  • $5.00 a day ($1,825.00 per year) provides the funds for: Chromebooks for a crew to build resumes, apply for jobs, or complete college applications.
  • $10.00 per day ($3,650.00) provides the funds for: Wilderness and Remote First Aid for 2 Backcountry Crews.