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Give Corpsmembers the quality gear and clothing they need. image

Give Corpsmembers the quality gear and clothing they need.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.


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Hi everyone -

Some of you already know this, but I lost my job five years ago (long story). Needless to say, I was horrified about the possibility that I couldn’t find a job to allow me and Hawk to stay in Taos. I grew to love Taos and consider it my home. Plus, Taos will ALWAYS be home for Hawk because of his unbreakable connection to Taos Pueblo.
But my fear turned to excitement when I saw the job advertisement for the RMYC Development Director. I knew the people at RMYC and I really respected the work, especially since they built trails, protected the forest and restored the river.
Now, after working there for more than four years, I learned that many youth in the community cannot afford to buy the boots, tents,, sleeping bags, etc. they need to join RMYC. In many cases, these expenses prevent them from even applying for a position at RMYC in the first place. It can be a HUGE financial barrier. The barrier needs to come down.
That is why I am asking for your help to make a donation to RMYC so we can buy some gear for a future Corpsmember. I just made a donation and it feels really good. I also started my very own fundraiser, so I'd like you to also contribute to my goal of $500.
Here are some examples of what your donation will buy:
Boots ($150)
Synthetic Sleeping Bag ($100)
Day Pack ($50)
Thermal Base Layers ($50)
Tents ($100)
Wool Socks ($10)
Warm Hats ($10)
Rain Jackets ($25)
Rain Pants ($25)
I got us started, but I'll need your help, so PLEASE make a donation. Anything will help, and if you love New Mexico, love the outdoors, love a clean environment and if you believe, like I do, that we have a moral obligation to the next generation, then please join me and make a donation.
Most thankfully,
PS - Say a little prayer that Hawk is admitted to the Santa Fe Indian School!!!! I'll find out any day.