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Give Corpsmembers the quality gear and clothing they need. image

Give Corpsmembers the quality gear and clothing they need.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.


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Hi -

I decided to donate to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps because I believe in the work they do for Corpsmembers and the community. Corpsmembers work very hard. They camp out night after night and hike for miles each day so they can finish their projects. They endure bad weather so we can feel safe and enjoy nature.

Here are some examples of what your donation will buy:

  • Boots ($150)
  • Synthetic Sleeping Bag ($100)
  • Day Pack ($50)
  • Thermal Base Layers ($50)
  • Tents ($100)
  • Wool Socks ($10)
  • Warm Hats ($10)
  • Rain Jackets ($25)
  • Rain Pants ($25)

Much of the gear and clothing they need to stay safe and comfortable can be expensive. It can prevent many youth from even applying at RMYC, so they miss out on all the benefits.

RMYC is dedicated to the youth of our community and so am I. That is why I just donated to RMYC so they can but gear and clothing to allow more youth to join RMYC. Please join me to support RMYC and close the gap for someone who really wants to make a difference in themselves and in the community.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps